SONY gets PWNED!!1

Earlier this year, SONY’s Playstation network was hacked. Millions of customers had their personal data stored on the network compromised. The whole episode resulted in the entire network being shut down for a few weeks. The current issue of Inside Counsel looks at the fallout from the data breach. Art Direction by Liz Novak.


Here were some other ideas presented before settling on the eyes peering through the lines of binary code:


This was an idea of the product turning into a something that causes harm or puts the user in danger.


Here was the idea of criminals sneaking into the Playstation network.


The three little pigs as a metaphor for building better firewalls.

07. July 2011 by John W. Tomac
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  1. I liked the more obvious PS references but the final looks great!

  2. Love the concept with the controller John, that should have been the one!

  3. Johnny,
    Nice work, the controller would have been my pick.

    • Thanks, Jerry

      I liked that idea as well, but certainly have no problems with the decision to go with the more generalized solution. I think with the news being a bit older it makes sense to focus on the the larger issue rather than the one incident.

  4. I remember this month! Good thing it didn’t affect Netflix. Great ideas John, though choice for the AD!

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