Here are a few recent assignments for Kiplinger’s Retirement Report on a whole range of issues affecting retirees as well as those about to join their ranks.

created for Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Social Security: There are many different options on how to receive your benefits, here’s how to find the right fit.


Navigating the Gig Economy

Side Hustle: Thanks to companies, like Uber and Airbnb, there are lots of ways to supplement your fixed income; here’s how to navigate the waters of the gig economy.


Multi Generational Households

Movin’ Out: The benefits and challenges of moving in with your children and creating a multi-generation household.


Is it time to re-examin how much insurance you’re carrying around? Created for Kiplinger’s Retirement Report

Got You Covered: You may be carrying around too-much, unnecessary insurance coverage.



Planning: Drafting a plan to deal with Alzheimer’s Disease


Aging and Finances

Accounting for Age: As we get older, a fog settles in and it can be difficult to keep up with bills and financial statements–even if you were once an accountant.

01. August 2017 by John W. Tomac
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